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Here you can put infinite photos and have description for each photo(optional) and also link them to a specific webpage, control your text color, if you want you photos to autoplay or control them with navigation, control how fast slide duration will be, and many other features.




Quick install guide

1. Log in to the Joomla administration back-end.

2. Select Extensions --> Install/Uninstall from the top menu.

3. In the panel Upload package file, click Browse and locate the installation package you have downloaded to your local computer.

4. Click the button Upload & Install.

5. Select Extensions --> Module Manager from the top menu and click GGJ_Slideshow in the list.

6. Open the module and follow setup.


Setup GGJ Slideshow

I. Upload images

1. Using internal tool build specially to create foldersupload photos, resize them at upload and generate descriptions

click setup

2. Using you FTP user and password, login on your server and navigate into Images folder. Create a new folder here and upload your images inside.

II. Setup module

In the backend of your joomla website select Extensions --> Module Manager  from the top menu and click GGJ Slideshow in the list.

1. Select your Images folder. 

Select the folder where you have uploaded the images at pct. I

select img folder

2. Slider Settings

Setup the size of the slideshow, the autoplay and the navigation bar if needed.

Slide duration - is the time between the slides
Cycles before stopping - is an option that can control how manny times the whole slideshow will play
Fade duration - controls how much time will take until a image fades to invisible and the next one will appear
Navigation iconset - Several icon sets are available for the navigation bar, select the one you seem is fit for you.

slider settings

3. Setup the descriptions

3.a. Setup the Color, Size and Alignement of your descriptions

desc text setup

3.b. Type the descriptions

Click on Setup under "Upload photos / Generate descriptions". Use the "Description setup" button there.

click setup


4. Publish

In the left hand size give your module a Title , select the Position you want to publish check the Status to be Published and Module Assignement to be On all pages or if you want specific pages select them from the list.

5. Save and exit



*In order to customize your module like the one in the demo, use the following options:

ggj setup1

ggj setup2


Version history


  • Infinite images
  • Dynamic gallery folder
  • Control Autoplay
  • Control slide and fade duration
  • Customizable sizes
  • Write deescription for you potos
  • Change description color
  • Text font
  • Multiple instances suport
  • Navigation bar on/off option


  • Control description text alignment
  • Rounded corner's
  • Many border's style
  • Some bug's fixed
  • Compatible with Joomla

V 1.2 

  • Create images folder options
  • Upload images from back-end option
  • Iconsets
  • Minor bugs fixed.




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