SJ Social Cloud

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sj social cloud demosj social cloud demo2SJ Social Cloud is a HTML5 animated cloud that contain customizable social icons to help your visitors follow you to the social media networks.

SJ Ultimate Gallery

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ultimate gallery 200xSJ Ultimate Gallery is a gallery that uses fancybox to deliver almost any webpage, video or image on the web. It has three layouts that can be used to display the content: a thumbs layout, a grid layout and a list layout, fully customizable to make the module fit into the design of your template. images

SJ HTML5 AudioFly

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audiofly img SJ HTML5 AudioFly is a custom html5 audio player with on the fly playlist. Verry usefull on music demo sites and shops creates custom styled buttons in any article wich on click will display an audio player, that can be sticky to your screen or in a module position, to play the sample. From there your customers can click on a custom made link to direct them to your purchase, info or more details page.  Our player runs on smartphones using Android and iOS.

SJ Simple HTML5 Video Player

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simple html5 picture SJ Simple HTML5 Video Player is a custom html5 video player easy to setup. Supports .webm and .mp4 video formats. You can have your local stored videos with subtitles, watermark, reosolution buttons.  Our player can play your videos on smartphones using Android and iOS, also have the posibility to use multiple players on the same page. Now has the ability to use youtube with resolution and vimeo movies to link to your webpage. Also the player is compatible with adaptive and responsive templates. We have tried to find a solution for users to have less work in order to set-up  there videos.


SJ HTML5 Video Player

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compat 15 native  compat 30

html5 video SJ HTML5 Video Player is an html5 based video player with playlist , fully customizable and easy to setup. Supports .ogg, .webm and .mp4 video formats. You can have your playlist in the right of your player, choose your playlist colors,width,height and many other features.  Now our player can help you display your desired videos in a nice and fancy way on your website and is fully compatible with android. Our player  imageshave an 10 videos options support.

SJ Article Carousel

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sj article carousel
The "SJ Article Carousel" take the articles from a category of your choice, or by article id, and display them as created, in a jquery horizontal carousel with navigation, sliding them from left to right. Simple and easy to use, with controlable with, height, number of columns to display, colors and borders, can display the intro text and the full text idependently with read more tags if you need them.

SJ Horizontal Accordion Showcase

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sj showcase
It is an easy module with few strong options to let you have your own showcase in just a few minutes. Only upload photos in modules/mod_sj_horizontal_accordion_showcase/images. You  have the individual caption settings for every picture. For the reason beeing a showcase we have only added 10 images support, but if you require this can be increased. Hope you enjoy this inovative and new concept to show your pictures. It is an jQuery based horizontal accordion showcase to work on all browsers and smartphones devices. Change the options to suit your needs.

SJ Accordion Menu

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sj acc menu
"Sj Accordion Menu" is a vertical accordion menu, animated with JQuery and suported by joomla 2.5 and 3.0 versions. It uses unordered lists and allows you to create infinite sublevels, the setup is simple and verry easy to use, various options containing 6 different types of animation for opening the sublevels, color and text customisation for normal, hover and active state of the items, 13 font families and all font sizes, caching and more. Jquery noConflict is integrated and a load Jquery option is available in order to work with other jquery, mootols and other libraries aswell.

SJ HTML5 Audio Player

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sj html5 audio
The SJ HTML5 audio player developed by Super Joom is, as title says, an html5 based audio player that support, mp3 and ogg file formats. In the playlist can be added up to 60 items with song name, cover, artist name, album and duration options for each of them. The twenty songs limitation can be easely increased with minimum knowledge of xml or by us at request (no extra charge ofc). Various color options are also available in order to fit any design.images

SJ Sticky Any Module

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“SJ Sticky any Module “ it’s a new and innovative way to present all your module’s on your website. This new concept give you the chance to display you modules in every point and corner of your website without limit.images