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sj html5 audio
The SJ HTML5 audio player developed by Super Joom is, as title says, an html5 based audio player that support, mp3 and ogg file formats. In the playlist can be added up to 60 items with song name, cover, artist name, album and duration options for each of them. The twenty songs limitation can be easely increased with minimum knowledge of xml or by us at request (no extra charge ofc). Various color options are also available in order to fit any design.images



Quick install guide

1. Log in to the Joomla administration back-end.

2. Select Extensions --> Install/Uninstall from the top menu.

3. In the panel Upload package file, click Browse and locate the installation package you have downloaded to your local computer.

4. Click the button Upload & Install.

5. Select Extensions --> Module Manager from the top menu and click SJ HTML5 Audio Player in the list.

6. Open the module and follow setup.


Setup SJ HTML5 Audio Player

I. Upload images

Using your FTP user and password, login on your server and navigate to modules/mod_sj_html5audio/mix. Upload your songs and cover images here. You will need both .mp3 and .ogg file formats for every toon in order to work with all browsers and all operating systems. 

Browser MP3 OGG
Internet Explorer 9 YES No
Firefox 4.0 No YES
Google Chrome 6 YES YES
Apple Safari 5 YES No
Opera 10.6 No YES


II. Setup module

In the backend of your joomla website select Extensions --> Module Manager from the top menu and click SJ HTML5 Audio Player  in the list. 

1. Setup your songs

Theese are the items that will show up in the playlist. Several customisation can be made to them.

Sho/Hide song  - is the option that decides that the toon will appear in the playlist or not.
First song -  is the specific song selection option [the name of the option goes from first until 60, (first, second, third...)]
Song cover - allows you to select a cover for the song, it will appear in the top left corner of the player
Song title - type the desired name for the item as it will appear in the playlist

Arranger - the music arranger

Composer - the music composer

Publisher - song publisher

Description - song description (do not use the "Enter" key from your keyboard to brake down the lines when you type description. For each brake line use <br>)
Song artist name - type the song artist name 
Song duration  - type how long the song is

These options are available for each toon.



2. Setup the visuals

A number of options are available to setup the look and feel of your player. All theese are self explanatory, change them to fit your needs.


3. Publish

In the left hand size give your module a Title , select the Position you want to publish check the Status to be Published  and Module Assignement to be On all pages or if you want specific pages select them from the list.

4. Save and exit.






Version history


  • 11 songs playlist
  • Audio player color
  • Autoplay options
  • Title font wheight
  • Title color
  • Track playing color
  • Artist color
  • Color of your tracklist
  • Controls color bar color


  • 20 songs playlist
  • adjustable width
  • enable/disable jQuery
  • some bugs repaired


  • adjust playlist songs to be shown
  • font size title in playlist
  • minor bugs repaired


  • 60 songs playlist
  • Buy link song
  • Price for each song
  • Title color

  Disable price
  Font-size buy text
  Option to change the buy ex: Download






  Code improvments


    Show Less funtion added

    Code improvments

     Added responsive template support



For any problems regarding our products do not hesitate to contact us on our suport emails:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or place your questions, comments and critics in the comment form below.


If you have any ideas or questions, please feel free to contact us using our contact data or the form below.

  * Mandatory field
Created using the Joomla DFContact component.

GNU General Public License






0 #29 Ginjg 2015-01-02 22:15
Quoting jahir:
Is it possible to allow more than one playlist per page?

Yes it is. I regularly place multiple playlists in one page. Just make sure that autoplay is disabled or you will get cacophony
0 #28 jahir 2015-01-02 21:59
Is it possible to allow more than one playlist per page?
0 #27 Anil V. Chaudhary 2015-01-01 14:37
Dear friends,

This is regarding your extension SuperJoom - SJ HTML5 Audio Player for joomla 3.
I want know, whether Audio from mass storage ,like Google drive, dropbox or Skydrive can be linked with your extension.

Kindly Let me urgently.
I have filled your "contact Us" form, is ask for capcha, but there is no capcha on the form.

Thanking you

Your's Faithfully
Anil V. Chaudhary
0 #26 Vicki 2014-09-18 11:50
Just wanted you to know that there was an update in my Android's Chrome app and the player's .mp3's are playing correctly again.
0 #25 Luca 2014-08-19 17:51
Quoting ginjg:
That's 60 per playlist. In general though, it's a better user experience if tracks are grouped in Album sized playlists 10 - 14 songs. You can have as many playlists on a page as you like. they can even be stacked in tabs with the proper js setting

Quoting Luca:
Hi all,
I'm going to buy SJ HTML5 audio player but I have a doubt.
Since I'm a musician and I have to upload a lot of tracks, what does it mean with "In the playlist can be added up to 60 items".
I mean, 60 items is the total of tracks or 60 per playlist?
Thank you

Wow, thank you very much for your quick reply and for clarifying my doubt!
0 #24 Vicki Beare 2014-08-19 13:16
OK, thank you. I look forward to the fix.
0 #23 Bizz 2014-08-19 10:34
Thank you Vicki, we do have android chrome to test. We have people testing different versions atm, i hope a fix will be ready until next update.

Quoting Vicki Beare:

I have one other non-related question... is there a way that you know of (other than launching the player in a popup window) to keep the same song playing while someone browses different pages on the site?

Unfortunately there is no way to keep song playing while browsing without some sort of permanent connection to the source.
Best Regards
0 #22 Vicki Beare 2014-08-18 23:56
Hi, I'm glad you're checking into it. If you can't see the problem and have a link on your site I can check in my Android Chrome (.mp3 file only) I will check and let you know if it plays.

I have one other non-related question... is there a way that you know of (other than launching the player in a popup window) to keep the same song playing while someone browses different pages on the site?

Thanks again,
0 #21 Bizz 2014-08-15 20:16
thank you for pointing us the issue we will look into it and check what's going on
-1 #20 SuperJoom 2014-06-28 14:23
Quoting Clemence:
This player seems really nice, but is it possible to create several playlists at the same time and display the player on several pages of my Joomla site with a different playlist on each page?
For example, I need a first player on my homepage with the last 6 tracks that I created. Then on another page, I need the player again, but with other tracks that belong to a specific playlist, different from the first one. Is that possible?

I hope you can answer me quickly. Thanks!

Yes you can have as many playlist as you want on different pages only. You need to multiply the module in the back end and then configurate the copy with the songs you want to display on second page and so on.

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